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Christmas in the kids’ rooms December 15, 2009

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I usually don’t decorate the kids’ rooms or doors for Christmas but this year I decided, I’m home–why not?  I didn’t do much but they like having a bit of their own Christmas cheer.  In Clare’s room I made a cute little wreath out of a wire form, white tinsel, and ribbon.  Her room is green with Yellow, orange, Bright pink, and purple comforters.  She is 13 after all.

I got these cute little felt things (I’m not exactly sure if they’re snowflakes–I say no because I’m gonna use them in her room all year) at the Dollar Tree.  I decided to use the green one on the wreath above and then hung the orange and pink ones from her curtain rod with pink ribbon.

I bought a small roll of “feather ribbon” at Target.  I was going to use it to create the wreath but I decided to use the tinsel instead.  I made the little feather tree with a yellow chipboard flower at the top, a cute bright mirror tree from Dollar Tree, and Pink glittery Peace ornament from Wal Mart.  She also has a little Christmas tree at the end of her bed.

Her gingerbread house complete with gum bricks. This is her Gingerbread "burb" house she says.

The only I have really gotten finished for my son’s room is the wreath on his door and he has his gingerbread house in his room.  He also has a couple of the small alpine trees in his room.  His wreath is adorned with some of his favorite items.  He is 10 and he makes what we call “paper figures”.  He can make anything with paper.  It is pretty amazing.  I put a few of his favorite Transformers paper figures on a little twig wreath that I had.  I tied a little jute bow and hung on his door.  He loves it!

Here is a close up of a couple of the paper figures:

I’ll be posting the rest of the house–if I can keep it clean long enough!!!

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3 Responses to “Christmas in the kids’ rooms”

  1. I’ll have to do one of those wreaths for my boys! They would love that. Great ideas … Merry Christmas!

  2. How cute!!! First of all the gum bricks are FAB!! And the figures on the wreath — oh my — my little guy would have a fit for em!

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