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Trick or Treating makes a comeback!! November 2, 2009

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We haven’t had many trick or treaters for the last several years in our neighborhood.  I thought that maybe trick or treating was a thing of the past.  Not so!!  We had lots of trick or treaters Saturday night and I’m so glad!  That is one thing that I remember about my childhood with such fond memories.  Not just the candy but the whole magical night from the crucial costume decision to walking the neighborhood with my dad.  My mom always made my costume and they were always fabulous!  I can remember having to wear “long johns” under my costumes because it was so cold then.  Neighborhood Halloween parties were always so much fun too.  Actually, I don’t remember much about the candy part.  My memories are full of wonderful PEOPLE who made the holiday special.  Here are some pics of my children in their homemade costumes.  (Not quite as good as my mom made)



100_1487I totally copied the bats from Karla at It’s the Little Things that Make a House a Home.  I love them!!  We are having a Clearance Costume Party this weekend (all costumes bought off the clearance racks after Halloween) and I’m going to be adding more bats.  I just used my silhouette to cut them out of black vinyl and stuck them right up.  They have endured both rain and wind and are still sticking strong!!

100_1485Native American (complete with cargo shorts for storing arrow heads and crocs–the waterproof mocassin), Ice Princess, and my niece the bat!


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