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Goodwill, My love…. October 23, 2009

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I love to shop at Goodwill!  I am always amazed at what people get rid of.  I am cursed lucky because the Goodwill here is very close to me.  It sucks me in like a magnet.  In fact, it is right beside my other nemesis, Wal Mart.  I digress.  I was there yesterday returning a pair of jeans that did not fit my daughter and hit the jackpot!  I found a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans that were in perfect condition–who would know since they come looking as if they’ve been worn for centuries anyway.  Three–that is right, three–Lacoste shirts that looked as if they had never been worn!  A white (all purpose), hot pink, and lime green. My daughter will wear these with a white long sleeve shirt underneath when it gets really cool.  I also found an orange Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for her.  No clothes for me but I did find a great urn–that I will transform later, and a Clemson cup with straw (brand new–I could never drink from a used straw).  Are you ready for my total???  A whopping $21 for ALL!!!!  Happy mama, happy daughter, happy day!!!


These look Brand New!!  Score!!

These look Brand New!! Score!!


I am linking this to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s Frugal Fashionista party!  Join the fun by clicking on the button!!


8 Responses to “Goodwill, My love….”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Visiting from Jen’s! I’ve found lots of great jeans for my teen from thrift, but I’ve never had your luck with tops. Great finds!

  2. Very nice purchases and the prices were great! Those shirts are great-love the colors.

  3. We are twins…yep, it just sucks me in like a magnet as well. AND I DON’T NEED ANY MORE CLOTHES…lol.
    Thanks for showing us how fun, and amazing thrifting can be.

  4. Wendy Says:

    What great finds! Love the colors of the polo shirts!

  5. Tracey Says:

    Those are some great deals!!

  6. Sherri S Says:

    LOVE that you found A&F jeans. All the tops are too cute! I love that my small town has a Goodwill and Salvation Army on the same street. Found several cute items today!

  7. Your blog is simply amazing! I found your link through A Soft Place to Land last week and have been addicted to your site ever since. Hard to believe that so many different and absolutely wonderful blogs link up in one place every week.

    I have so much to learn. 🙂


  8. Chelsea Says:

    Great finds – I am with you….I LOVE Goodwill!


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