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Goodwill, My love…. October 23, 2009

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I love to shop at Goodwill!  I am always amazed at what people get rid of.  I am cursed lucky because the Goodwill here is very close to me.  It sucks me in like a magnet.  In fact, it is right beside my other nemesis, Wal Mart.  I digress.  I was there yesterday returning a pair of jeans that did not fit my daughter and hit the jackpot!  I found a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans that were in perfect condition–who would know since they come looking as if they’ve been worn for centuries anyway.  Three–that is right, three–Lacoste shirts that looked as if they had never been worn!  A white (all purpose), hot pink, and lime green. My daughter will wear these with a white long sleeve shirt underneath when it gets really cool.  I also found an orange Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for her.  No clothes for me but I did find a great urn–that I will transform later, and a Clemson cup with straw (brand new–I could never drink from a used straw).  Are you ready for my total???  A whopping $21 for ALL!!!!  Happy mama, happy daughter, happy day!!!


These look Brand New!!  Score!!

These look Brand New!! Score!!


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Ready for Halloween??? October 18, 2009

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I did a little ghoulish decorating over the weekend.  I have never decorated for Halloween before because I have always been teaching.  I love how my decorations have turned out so far!!   I got my biggest project idea from  The Idea Room.   http://theidearoom.blogspot.com/. 100_1418 100_1432

My kids painted the eyeballs!  They are my favorite part!!

My kids painted the eyeballs! They are my favorite part!!

A closer look at the eyeballs

A closer look at the eyeballs

I used Martha Stewarts technique of using hot glue to make cobwebs.  You can find it on her website.

I used Martha Stewarts technique of using hot glue to make cobwebs. You can find it on her website.

Fur of Were Wolf  aka  spanish moss

Fur of Were Wolf aka spanish moss

These little guys keep getting eaten!!

These little guys keep getting eaten!!

Twisted Twigs aka  licorice

Twisted Twigs aka licorice

A little stack of skulls nesting on a bed of coffee grounds!

Chalkboard in the kitchen with recipe for Witches Brew

Chalkboard in the kitchen with recipe for Witches Brew


Little candy bone necklace and bracelet set in my Rotten Sweets jar

Little candy bone necklace and bracelet set in my Rotten Sweets jar

I know that orange pumpkins aren't "in" right now, but nothing says fall more than an orange pumpkin

I know that orange pumpkins aren't "in" right now, but nothing says fall more than an orange pumpkin

I got the skeleton man on clearance at Michael’s a few years ago.  I love him!!  I do have some white pumpkins too.  They started as little green pumpkins that I painted ivory and then used rub on letters and metal letters to create BOO on one side and EEK on the other.  I got the cute little galvanized planter at the Habitat Re-Store for $2.






I whipped up this cute little plaque yesterday.  I just used my silhouette to cut out the witch boots and then added the phrase, “If the shoe fits….”  I believe it does.  I already had the little plain wood plaque from Dollar Tree and the vinyl.  It came with a wire hanger that I had taken off a while back (I’m sure with other intentions in mind that never came to fruition).  I just stapled some ribbon on the back to hang.  A cheap little sign that would be a great little Halloween gift.  I hung it on my garage door along with BOO! in vinyl.  Please don’t look closely at the door.   It is dirty and gross and will soon be painted black!!

100_1459_edited100_1458_editedI know this post was ridiculously boring long.  I am just so excited about my new found love of Halloween decorating.  I have decided to have a Halloween party with a twist:  It is going to be a “75% off Costume Party”.  It will be the weekend AFTER Halloween and  I everyone can buy more Halloween decorations can buy their costumes on clearance!!  Is that not the best?!  I can also leave my decorations up for another week!!  Happy Haunting everyone!!

Halloween couple

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Little Pumpkin Project October 6, 2009

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I was at the grocery store yesterday looking at the beautiful fall floral bouquets when what caught my eye?  Some adorable little succulents in the cutest little pots on clearance for $2.  As I scanned the rainbow of colored pots I thought, “None of those would match my decor.”  Then I spied a lone orange pot and thought, “No.  It doesn’t match my decor but I have the perfect project!”  So I get my little beauty home (after the cashier drops her on head not once but TWICE!).  She survived and was happy to find a home.  She rested on a shelf all night.

orange pot

Isn’t she sweet?  Doesn’t she just scream fall and halloween???  OK.  You’re right.  She doesn’t.  So……I got out my black vinyl, set up my silhouette, and behold…….


Do you hear her???  I knew you would!  NOW she screams Happy Halloween!!  She would make a great little teacher gift….maybe.

I’m linking to Kimba’s DIY day.  Go over and check out all of the other awesome projects!!



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Today I turn 40.  I always thought this day would be different.  I don’t know why we place so much value in our age.  I am looking at 40 as my chance to start over.  A new decade, a new season for me.  This is the season that I will draw closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ.  This is the season that I will give more, be more compassionate, be more caring and loving, be who God intended me to be.  You see, I made a huge mess of my thirties.  In little ways that piled and piled on each other until they came crashing down at 39.  I now can go into my forties with the gift of hindsight.  What a fabulous thing.  I can also confidently enter my forties with the gift of GOD guiding me all the way.  I am no longer in control.  I have given the reigns to God.  I made a mess trying to do it all myself.  I know that will not happen with God taking the lead and guiding my path.  He has great things planned for me.  His will is far greater than mine could ever be.  I still have to remind myself of those things, I still struggle with making decisions based on what I want and not what He has planned.  It is amazing that it takes something to completely bring us to our knees before we let Him have total control.  He loves us so much more than we can imagine.  I am so thankful for that and thankful for his grace and mercy every single day!  I can look confidently ahead into my forties and know that I am not driving, but riding with the greatest driver of all time who will NEVER get me lost.  Only I can do that.  Thank you God for this new decade and a chance to start over!


I am a strong woman of God!  Forty does not scare me!!


Crispness of Fall October 1, 2009

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It is starting to feel like the transition of Fall in the South has begun.  I have been really inspired by so many incredible and beautifully decorated posts over at Rhoda’s fall party.  You must go and see the Fall goodness!!

Rhodas Fall Party

Rhoda's Fall Party

Well, here is the feeble attempt I have made at my Fall decorating.  After seeing all of the wonderful pictures though, I will certainly be adding to my decor!!


This is sitting on top of my entertainment center.  I got the pumpkin at $ Tree, candle stand at Habitat store (painted of course), and cheese dish/cloche at Salvation Army $2.


This is another $1 pumpkin that I put into my little “bird bath” surrounded by black beans.  The chalkboard beside it (homemade) has one of my favorite Bible verses on it.

“For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11


This is a terrible pic but there is a dark green gourd in the back with the striped gourd.  The big pumpkin is a twig pumpkin I got at the Habitat store for .50.  It had some tacky stuff glued all over it that I peeled off.  The white/orange striped gourd in the Southern Living container is resting on a soft bed of white and black beans.




A couple of $1 store crows nestled in with a couple of $1 painted gourds on the mantle.


This is the other end of the mantle.


I don’t know what is wrong with my picture taking ability.  I guess I really shouldn’t do this when I’m in a hurry.


I found these adorable ceramic pumpkins at Fred’s for $1.99 each.  I just love how they look in the Southern Living candle hurricanes.

100_1348_editedDining room table


100_1358_editedWhat would Oct. be without a cute little (.10) apothecary jar full of skulls?

100_1369_editedThe pumpkin on the chair is a fake that I got at Habitat for $1.  The white one is real and I just painted a G on it and popped it on an urn.  That is a pansy in the green pot and a cabbage in the terra cotta on a candle stick.  I never used my ice bucket/stand so I decided to plant my little fall garden in there.  This is on my front porch and I love the way it turned out!

100_1366_editedThis is on the other side of my porch.  Wow-I need to clean the slate don’t I?  Let’s just pretend shall we?  I painted the urn with Krylon Georgia Clay.  I thought it looked very “fall”.

100_1365_editedI had a fall wreath that was small so I cut all of the leaves off and put them on this grapevine wreath.  Then I added the G and used the ribbon to hand “a la Nester”.  I love the way it looks from the road and I have gotten lots of compliments on it.

100_1370_editedI so do not love the double doors on the front of the house.  I decided to put the house number on one and then decorate the other.  Maybe one day I can change the doors out.

100_1368_editedHere is the whole front porch look.  I so would love a big front porch and a beautiful screened in porch on the back to decorate.  Maybe one day….

I think my first attempt at Fall decorating turned out well.  I have so many more things I would like to do though after being inspired by the many beautiful blogs out there!!