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Mistreatments–Inspired by Nester!! September 29, 2009

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So–I’ve painted my dining room furniture black and recovered the chairs.  The old window treatment (that I had made and was beautiful) just didn’t do it for me anymore.  Of course, being the novice that I am, I forgot to take pics of it before I jerked it down to make way for “mistreatments”.  It was mounted on a board above my window so I decided to use the board in my mistreatments.  I had it mounted pretty high but I knew I needed something to long to block out some of the sun.  It gets extremely hot with the afternoon sun.  I had some fabric I bought on clearance when we moved in here (8 yrs ago).  Not sure what thought I was gonna do with.  I don’t know how to sew.  That is my next endeavor.  I do have a great sewing machine.  I digress.  So…I had this fabric, a board, and leftover drop cloth from recovering the chairs.  I cut the fabric in half and “hemmed” with Stitch Witchery.  It wasn’t as long as I needed to I attached about 5 inches of leftover drop cloth to the top of the panels with Stitch Witchery.  I used some rope that I had and hot glue to hide the seams.  I tacked up my panels with upholstery tacks–just like Nester showed me how to do.


I decided to staple the remaining leftover drop cloth to the board to create a fake cornice look.  It looked a bit bland.  I printed out a G in a font I like, cut it out, traced around it, and painted in with black paint.  Voila!  Monogrammed valance.  I think it turned out great for a novice!!



100_1283Close up of the hot glued rope to hide the seam.

I am linking this to Kimba’s DIY!

Woo Hoo!!!  I figured out how to do it!!


4 Responses to “Mistreatments–Inspired by Nester!!”

  1. pk Says:

    Great job! Love the addition of the monogram. Wouldn’t know they were “mis” treatments by looking. 🙂
    pk @ room remix

  2. Looks great! I don’t sew either and I sometimes have to miss out on certain projects. I love the monogram.

  3. gail Says:

    it all looks great! I like the G 🙂


  4. Cheryl Says:

    Hello there! Popped over form Kimba’s DIY. You did a great job mistreating the window. Love how the window treatment came out. Loving the monogram too.

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