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I <3 Goodwill!! September 28, 2009

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So, despite the fact that I said I was NOT going to GW this week, I gave in.  It is like a magnet that draws me closer.  How do I resist???  Anyhoo—I found a couple of great treasures today.  A brand new mirror for $4 and a cute little shelf with a drawer for $3.


Here is another shot with the wrapping off of the mirror and a view of the cute little drawer.


Go over and check out other thrifty treasures on Rhoda’s Blog @ Southern Hospitality!


3 Responses to “I <3 Goodwill!!”

  1. Kate Says:

    I have the same problem with GW! My kids are always like “MOM, Not GW today!” LOL Looks like you got some great deals.

  2. Marla Says:

    Your description of being drawn to the GW is exactly what I feel. I tell myself I don’t need to go to the GW this week and then somehow I find my car taking me there. It is an affliction, but a fun one anyway. Marla

  3. Audra Says:

    I have the same addiction. It’s a habit and needs to be fed! Great finds!

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